Valley Baptist Church

Valley Baptist Church is a website I worked on at SiteOrganic.  It was a custom design for the church to be built out on SiteOrganic's industry leading online church management platform.  While there are many designs I worked on at SiteOrganic, listing them all here would not make sense however this is one of my favorites.  The client was very open to design concepts and allowed a lot of creative freedom in the design, allowing me to take it away from the [at the time] norms of church website designs.  In development of the site I used several of the custom jquery animation and slideshow functions I developed exclusively to work on the SiteOrganic platform.

Living on SiteOrganic's platform also allowed the site to benefit from the long list of features available to all churches who use the system.  


  • Website Design & Development
  • User Experience
  • Responsive Development
  • SiteOrganic Integration