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Sr. Web Developer

Bisk Education

06.2013 - 07.2015

Working directly on the Bisk Learning Management System (LMS) I managed to implement a number of significant improvements. From my first week there I pitched, had approved and began work on converting the LMS to a completely responsive site. I worked with members of the Instructional Design and Marketing teams to redesign the user interface for the LMS, significantly improving all of the core functionality resulting directly in a higher student retention rate. Part of making the switch involved the creation of a 508 & ADA compliant HTML/CSS/JS based prototype template project, which included static versions of every page in the student section of the LMS. With the conversion to a responsive user experience I also moved to optimize the code itself leveraging the change to MVC and switching from standard CSS and inline style over to LESS. I developed a single reusable modal jQuery plugin designed to take specific requirements and create custom modal windows based on the specific use.  The final piece in the puzzle was the creation of a new standard navigation that was designed specifically to work with the new responsive functionality.

Sr. Front-End Web Developer

Veredus Contractor at TechData

10.2012 - 05.2013

Working as a contractor at TechData I was directly responsible for the front-end development and user experience of the primary order system. This included updating major components in the user interface including the search, filtering and product layouts as well as the addition of new features. One of my major achievements was converting the site from a dated table base layout with inline styles and individual javascript functions on every page into a 508 compliant site. In the end the rebuilt pages were over 50% smaller and load time increased an average of 35%.

I was also completely responsible for the design and front end development of the TechSelect brand site. The entire site was built on the SiteFinity with almost a dozen custom built templates & widgets. The full site was built to be completely responsive and work across all platforms and browsers and integrated with multiple social media APIs including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Rebuilding this site in house allowed TechData to have more control over the brands content on the site as well as provide additional functionality to the users enhancing the overall user experience.

My final project at TechData was to develop a functional dashboard prototype for a proof of concept site. I single handedly built the entire working prototype in 2 days including connecting the system to multiple APIs, utilizing CSS3 and jQuery for animations of content and movable tiles, and the use of Angular to manage dynamic content and reusable components. Although they were 2 very long days it was by far the most fun I had at TechData.

Sr. Web Designer & Front-End Web Developer


10.2009 - 05.2012

I was responsible for designing and building the front end of client websites as well as redesigning and improving the overall UX of SiteOrganic admin application. It was my job to create unique site designs for Christian ministries and other faith based organizations and then integrates those designs into the proprietary CMS platform called SiteOrganic. I decreased overall development time of a design while increasing the capabilities of the platform and the experience of both the client and their site visitors by developing several custom javascript and jQuery plugins. I successfully upgraded the entire CMS platform to allow for responsive designs while replacing all flash based actions and effects with more user friendly javascript managed functions. This change made it possible to offer mobile solutions with a single management platform to our clients, something none of our competitors in the industry were doing at the time keeping SiteOrganic ahead in the business.

Director, Interactive Services

Changing Our World

05.2008 - 09.2009

My primary role was as a consultant, meeting with our individual clients and working directly with them to provide them with a defined online strategy and determining creative and unique ways to implement those strategies. I worked directly with other members of the team to help them develop their own skills strengthening the Interactive Services team’s overall abilities to provide for our clients. When I wasn’t consulting with the clients I was actually designing and developing the solutions I proposed to them. My greatest takeaway was seeing my solutions all provide amazing results for each of our clients and knowing I had help our clients accomplish and exceed their goals and expectations.

Clients included non-profit organizations focused on health care, visually impaired, religious and those who are deprived of natural resources such as food and water.

Web Designer

Trinet Internet Solutions

05.2007 - 05.2008

Working as a member of the creative team I designed and developed custom web solutions based on the compiled requirements, determined audience and future goals of the organizations. I communicated with both clients and other team members to strengthen and refine the solution into a final deliverable product. Each month I worked directly with clients on developing their online giving campaigns; I gathered and compiled analytics from the previous campaigns to devise the best layout moving forward. 

Working at Trinet gave me the opportunity to expand from just working freelance and begin driving a career in what I love to do. In the year I was with the company I had the opportunity to work directly on multiple award winning projects including multiple Davey Awards, Stevie Awards, W3 Awards and Communicator Awards and one Convio Innovators Best Website Award.

Clients included non-profit organizations of a religious nature including churches, ministries, and relief organizations as well as for profit companies, hospital organizations, and non-profit organizations focused on making the world a better place for us all.